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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Good afternoon class!
Please click on  PHONE NUMBERS, EXERCISE 1 and PHONE NUMBERS EXERCISE 2  to practise a bit more your listening skills.

Also, there is a part of the Oxford University Press website with easy dialogues for you to listen and practise. This one is about PERSONAL QUESTIONS.

Have fun!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


In this installment of Real English videos the alphabet is dealt with. Watch the video to revise how to pronounce the alphabet.

Pay attention to the following:

As the speakers are American, they spell the letter Z as / zi: / and not / zed / as the British do.

The second speaker, Gillian (28"), gives us a very practical way to memorise the alphabet. She recites the alphabet according to the vowel sound the letter has:

/ei/ A H J K
/i:/ B C D E G P T V (Z)
/e/ F L M N S X Z
/ai/ I Y
/əʊ/ O
/u:/ Q U W
/a:/ R

Some of the speakers show a tendency to spell their names in groups of three letters, pausing for a split second to let the listener figure out the word being spelt.

You can watch the same video with subtitles on the Real English web page here.

Real English also provides this video to test our ability to understand words/names being spelt.

Again, you can watch the same video with subtitles on the Real English we page here.