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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Study Tip – Beginner English Online Resources

by MELANIE on DECEMBER 10, 2012
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If you are a beginner, if you know someone who is a beginner, or if you teach beginners, here are some free resources that may be useful to you. All of these resources are in English.
Hungry for English [American]
“We want you to learn to speak English in the same way that we all learned to speak our native languages as babies – by hearing it instead of reading it.”
JenniferESL [American]
“English for Beginners! No scripts. No actors. Real lessons. Real learning.”
Jennifer is an English teacher who is teaching her friend Natasha to speak English. This is an ongoing series of lessons, so check the list often for new lessons!
Mister Duncan [British]
This list of video lessons is more for elementary & intermediate students, but they are a great way to learn new vocabulary. All his videos include subtitles (text).
Vocabulary & Grammar
ESOL Courses – Online course for beginners [British]
ESOL Courses – Online English lessons, exercises, games and quizzes for beginners [British]
Helping You Learn English – English course for beginners [American]
Learn English Online – Online course for beginners [British]
The Most Common English Words
100 most common words in English (video)
1000 most common words in English: [Esl.about.com] 1-250251-500501-750751-1000
1000 most common words in English (in alphabetical order)
Verb Forms
Perfect English Grammar – Memorize the past simple & past participle forms of irregular verbs
Macmillan Dictionary – Test your knowledge of irregular verb forms with the ‘Irregular Verb Wheel Game’
Read Theory – Read, listen, & answer questions
Super Easy Reading – Read, listen, & do activities
Simple English Wikipedia – 90,000 articles written in simple English!




This page shows you how to use the prepositions onin, and at in different contexts.

1. Transportation

PrepositionExample NounsExample Sentences
incar, truckI went to Vancouver in my car.
onbus, train, ship, plane, bicycleI went downtown on the bus.
We travelled to Toronto on the train.

2. Time

PrepositionExample NounsExample Sentences
inJanuary, February, March
1987, 1988, 1989
two minutes, three days
She arrived in February.
I was born in 1988.
I'll be home in three days.
onWednesday, Thursday
The party is on Thursday.
He left on the weekend.
at7:00, 7:30, 8 o'clock, noonI'll call you at 7.30.

3. Communications

PrepositionExample NounsExample Sentences
radio, television
I spoke to him on the telephone yesterday.
I read about it on the Internet.
I heard the news on the radio.

4. Where prepositions are NOT used

We don't use prepositions with certain words and phrases:
NO PrepositionWords and PhrasesExample Sentences
in, on, athome
this morning
this afternoon
every week
last Tuesday
next year
Sally went home.
I met my classmates this morning.
We will arrive this afternoon.
We have an exam every week.
Neil did his laundry last Tuesday.
Betty will return next year.
When you are sure that you understand the lesson, you can continue with the exercise.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Here is an exercise for you to put the words in the right order. Great practise!


Hello guys, I found this chart to help you with your pronunciation. You can click on every sound and listen to its pronunciation with three different words. You can also download it for your iPad.