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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi guys!

Here it is at last! Take a look at all the videos. It took so much work! However, it paid off . I hope you 

enjoy them as much as I have!

and the making of...

and the superb work of the secciones!

Monday, May 21, 2012

George and Winifred Seymour

Read the text and complete the chart below with a word from the list you have after the text. Every word can only be used ONCE. There are some words that you do not need to use. Question 0 has been answered as an example.  Key at the bottom!!!

George and Winifred Seymour

George and Winifred Seymour (0) _have__  just won the prize for being the couple with the (1) ______ marriage in Britain. The couple have been married for more (2) ______ 80 years. They (3) ______ when they were teenagers and married in 1920 when George (4) ______ 16 and his girlfriend, Winifred, 17.
The couple have four children, nine grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren. They have lived in the same village for all of their married life and have never travelled (5) ______. Mr Seymour said, ‘We've (6) ______ to London three times and we went to Birmingham to see my sister once.' His wife added, 'I've never liked trips, I like (7) ______ at home with my family around me. I've never wanted to go very (8) ______.'
Their oldest son, Bertie, 79, said, ‘It's great to see them still alive and so happy together after all (9) ______ years. They have enjoyed good health all their lives: my father worked on a farm all his life and my mother has always worked (10) ______ in the home. They have never smoked and they haven't had (11) ______ wine or beer in their lives. (12) ______ Sunday we are going to give them a great party! A lot of people (13) ______ coming for this celebration. First we are going to church and (14) ______ we are going to have a meal at a hotel.’
Our reporter asked Mrs Seymour what she liked about her marriage and she said, 'I've been very lucky. I saw George was (15) ______ unique man. He was my (16) ______ boyfriend and we've had a very happy marriage.’

A      ARE     HAVE      MET      THAT         ABROAD         BE         HARD         ON         THE       AFTER           BEEN          IS         ONLY        THEN          AN           BEING          KNEW       OLDEST       THESE          ANY       FAR         LONGEST         THAN         WAS


3. MET
4. WAS
8. FAR
10. HARD
11. ANY
12. ON
13. ARE
14. THEN
15. A
16. ONLY

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film

This Procter and Gamble commercial intends to honour everything mums do to help their children succeed in life. With the background of the London 2012 Olympics, it shows some of the mothers behind Olympic athletes.

It looks like the perfect way to pay tribute to mums on Mother's Day.

Hi sweetie

It’s time to wake up.
Time to get up baby.
Come on, up you get.
C’mon I’ll make you breakfast.
The hardest job in the world,
is the best job in the world.

Thank you, Mom.