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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Best Job | P&G London 2012 Olympic Games Film

This Procter and Gamble commercial intends to honour everything mums do to help their children succeed in life. With the background of the London 2012 Olympics, it shows some of the mothers behind Olympic athletes.

It looks like the perfect way to pay tribute to mums on Mother's Day.

Hi sweetie

It’s time to wake up.
Time to get up baby.
Come on, up you get.
C’mon I’ll make you breakfast.
The hardest job in the world,
is the best job in the world.

Thank you, Mom.


  1. It video is beautiful !
    The best job
    The best present
    the best reward
    the biggest miracle

    Happy Mother's Day !

  2. Thank you Raquel, you too!!! Enjoy your babygirl!